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Engineering and technical knowledge: toilet floor drain waterproof construction practices

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Floor drain is a place where ground drainage is concentrated, and it is a place prone to leakage. Moreover, the cast iron floor is small at the end of the leak, and it is in contact with the concrete on the outer surface. As the concrete shrinks easily, cracks are generated, causing leaks along the floor drain. The water floor is generally on the floor. Reserve holes, and then install the floor drain. After the floor drain is installed and fixed, waterproof the details.
Toilet waterproofing, bathroom floor drain detailing practices:
Determine the elevation of the floor drain Install a fixed cushion Grading Flooring Leveling floor Drainage perimeter Sealing Waterproofing Additional layer Plastering the waterproof layer Water storage test Placing the surface layer Place the floor drain rake; Pouring the sweet hole:
After the floor drain and riser are installed and fixed, clean the concrete and stone around the hole around the east, then support the formwork at the bottom of the plate, moisten the water, pour the C20 concrete with expansion agent fine stone concrete, and compact, block and smooth.
To find slope retention troughs: look for slopes on the ground. Leveling floors will find a gradient of 1% to 2% toward floor drains. Drainage gradients will be 3% to 5% for drains 50mm outward, and 20mm x 20mm grooves will remain around the floor drain.
Filling the groove coating film: The groove around the top of the floor drain shall be tightly sealed with the sealing material, and then be coated with a waterproof layer for the coating film of the carcass reinforcement material. The depth of the additional layer coating film extending into the floor drain cup shall not be less than 50mm. Then paint the waterproof coating according to the design requirements;
Water storage test: Do a good job of water storage test, observe no leakage as qualified;
Waterproof trays: In order to solve the problem of small cast iron floor outlets and poor integration with concrete that cause leakage around the floor drains, additional waterproof trays can be installed in the place where the water leaks, in order to improve the quality of floor drain water.