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The Characteristics of Bathroom Floor Drain Installations

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In home decoration, the most important thing to notice is the design details of the bathroom. If you do not take careful care in this functional area of ​​the bathroom, then in the future home life, you will certainly know that there are so many wrong places. Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of bathroom floor drain installations today.
Wet and dry separation is an essential function that toilets need to pay attention to most. Therefore, when designing bathing rooms and sewage disposal areas, they are all attentive. The decoration master certainly knows this principle. Therefore, when designing, it is necessary for the owner to coordinate with the decoration master. Only after a relatively good conclusion can be drawn, will it be relatively smooth in the later construction process. The installation location of the floor drain is also very important, and the traditional small circle floor drain has been eliminated.
Now that we have begun to design the drainage channel, we can not only make up for some small leaks in the small circle, but also play a role in the large displacement. The drainage trough is installed in the bathing area and the drainage area, which can be said to solve the drainage problem of the toilet.
Of course, installing the floor drain in an obscure corner is the least sensible installation behavior, so when installing the drain tank, it must be installed along the direction of the water flow. Generally, many masters will be on the slope of the tile floor. COMFORT, in this way, we can determine the flow of water, so that we can be more personalized in designing.
Of course, we must pay special attention to this area of ​​the bathroom. It may be that the other functional areas of the home have a certain periodicity during cleaning. However, the cleaning of the bathroom cannot be lazy. In general, once in two days, it is already the most basic. Requirement, and after using the bathroom, the dry ground is also very demanding. As long as the dryness of the bathroom is maintained, there is generally a better environment.